TechMatte Multi-Angle Stand

The TechMatte Stand is a great, little, adjustable stand that you can use with just about any current smartphone or tablet - assuming it's not super-thick.

I've never really had a need for device stands, but I can totally see the appeal. After using this stand for the past few days, I'm pretty surprised by how useful it can be. It's great to have this guy with my Nexus 7 on my desk for quick access. I also use it on my nightstand to my hold my HTC One M8 as an alarm clock. Both of these devices have cases; the HTC One M8 has a TPU-style case and the Nexus 7 has a folio style case. Both of these fit pretty well, though the Nexus 7 does hover a little above the opening in the bottom of the stand, but it's nothing to worry about unless you're shaking your desk a lot!

The aluminum build holds down to most surfaces you put it on and the hard-plastic kickstand seems to hold up pretty well so far. It's unfortunate that the stand doesn't lock in any position, but the angles it does lock at seem sufficient for the price range.

Overall, this is a pretty nifty little stand. It adjusts for a few different angles and works with a wide variety of devices. If you're looking for something simple, easy to use, and portable, this is your stand.

$9.99 $14.99

TechMatte amPen

The amPen is a simple, and pretty typical, capacitive stylus. If you haven't used a capacitive stylus before, think of it as an extension of your finger. Instead of using your finger for normal tablet / phone operations, you can use this.

Of course, that's the downside to a lot of these capactive styluses. You can do some basic writing, but you have to keep in mind this is just about as accurate as using your fingertip. This isn't going to be something like the Surface Pro where the device itself has a digitizer and palm detection. It's really just a way to extend your hand and do some basic, albeit large, note taking.


TechMatte amCase (HTC One M8)

The amCase is a great bumper-style / TPU hybrid case. With a hard plastic back and TPU edges, it's offering some pretty decent protection for the M8.

My absolute favorite feature is that they cut out a hole for the power button. Compared to the S-Line case from Cruzerlite, this cutout makes it ten thousand times easier to turn the screen on or off. The volume buttons, however, are still covered but have a sturdier feel to them - making them much more responsive when compared to the gel-like feel of the S-Line case.

My only complaint is that the amCase logo on the back covers the Verizon / 4G LTE logos, making things look a little awkward. If you've got a non-Verizon HTC One, you likely won't have this problem.

Overall, it's a great hybrid hardshell / TPU / bumper case that will over some decent protection out in the elements. Just don't drop your phone face down!

$0.01 $9.99