Cruzerlite has always offered a great selection of TPU cases for the majority of phones out there today, and the S-Line case for the HTC One M8 is no different. The case offers a small amount of protection when compared to other more bulky cases, but it's enough to get the job done for those of us who may only drop our phones once in a blue moon.

It's lightweight, thin, and provides a great view of that awesome brushed-aluminum backside of the HTC One M8. Along the sides you have a rigid surface to provide additional grip - which is a must for the slick feel of the HTC One when it's naked.

You've got cutouts for all your ports, including the MicroUSB port, 3.5mm headphone port, cameras, LED flash, and noise-cancellation microphone. My only gripe is the button covers for the volume and power buttons. The power button was already difficult enough to use as it's on top of the device, and adding an additional layer requires more force (and patience) to turn the device on and off. Of course, you can always just cut those out with a knife and that could help with the issues.

Overall, it'd a great little case with "window" to show off the sleek build of the M8. If you're looking for a limited amount of protection from general scratches on the back and a small lip on the front, this case will do you well - all while still showing off the style of the phone. Keep in mind that your color choice may limit the view of the brushed aluminum. The case I have is Gray, but darker colors may make it more difficult to see.

Thanks for watching!